Tuesday Tip: Boost Productivity with These Keyboard Shortcuts

Laptops are convenient, but are you tired of navigating with your laptop’s trackpad? Here are five easy keyboard shortcuts to easily move around the screen.

Shortcut button on keyboard

  • Windows Key + D – Displays or minimizes all open windows at once, no matter how many tabs and windows you have open. This is particularly useful if you are working on something confidential and someone approaches you unexpectedly.
  • Windows Key + L – More drastic than the shortcut above, this instantly locks your computer.
  • Spacebar – Allows you to quickly scroll down (and up!) on webpages. Just tap the spacebar to scroll down a page at a time, or Shift + Spacebar to scroll back up.
  • Windows Key + Arrow – Allows you to select and work on two windows side-by-side by using the left and right arrows, or on two windows stacked top and bottom using the up and down arrows.
  • Alt + Tab – Quickly switches between your two most recently used application-level windows.

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