Nobody cares about backups...everybody cares about recoveries

That’s why we do a test restore on several files for every client, every month.

Protecting our client’s data is our most important priority at Network 1. We offer three options for backup & recovery services: file-based, image-based and Microsoft Office 365. Each service is automated and fully monitored so we can find/fix any issues.

1-Vault Veeam

Our image-based solution powered by Veeam technology. Includes on-site appliance that can stand-in for a server, off-site storage and off-site disaster recovery for your servers. Monthly test restores and unlimited file restores are included.

1-Vault Nsure

Our file-based solution powered by Barracuda. Includes on-site appliance and off-site storage. Monthly test restores and unlimited file restores are included.

1-Vault O365

Unlimited backup/recovery for your Microsoft 365 environment. Protects you from:

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Slow, end-user time-intensive restores using Microsoft's retention policy
  • External Security Threats
  • Internal Security Threats (happens more than you think)

Disaster Recovery Test

Are you ready for a disaster? Have you tested your environment? Even though we test restore several files every month, a full off-site disaster recovery (DR) test of your server infrastructure is strongly recommended. Network 1 provides a fixed price DR test for our 1-Vault Veeam clients that delivers DR test results and recommendations.


We would love to discuss how we can put all the necessary systems in place to ensure your data is properly backed up and easy to recover.