IT Support for Metro Atlanta Law Firms

Network 1 knows law firms. They make up one-third of our business. We have an engineering team – the Blue Team – that is focused on legal clients and a client manager who is active in the Atlanta legal community.

hammer&gavelWe become – or augment – the IT department for law firms. We fix computers when things break, but what our clients really value are the industry-specific best practices we bring to their firms. This is especially important with technology – along with regulations and cyber threats – changing so rapidly. Our proactive approach helps our clients use technology to gain and keep their competitive advantage.

Some of the Law Firm "Pain Points” We Address

  • Loss of productivity due to IT “death by 1,000 cuts”; rainmakers are slowed down
  • Wasting time & money with finger-pointing between hardware / software / phone / etc.
  • Dropped, inconsistent, slow and/or insecure remote access
  • IT support that’s not in tune with deadline-driven needs: trials, M&A deals, etc.
  • No strategic IT plan in support of the firm’s key initiative

In short, we’re in tune with the little things that make a big difference in helping attorneys do what they do best… practice law.


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