Managed Services

To help businesses achieve greatness through technology, we need to be great at what we do.  We know that being great isn’t a destination but a journey.  It’s the focused pursuit of always striving to become better: offering better client satisfaction; understanding the nuances of law firms and medical practices more deeply; being proactive so problems don’t come up in the first place, reacting; troubleshooting and fixing problems – at the root cause – more quickly.

We also know if companies try to be all things to all people, they can’t be great at all of those things.  Who suffers when those companies deliver mediocre or poor service?  Their customers!  Here are some stories our clients have told us about their former IT support companies:

  • We only used them “as needed” but issues got Band-aided, not truly fixed. Over time our problems went up.
  • They were good phone vendors so we hired them for IT support. What a disaster.
  • The good engineers worked with us for a few weeks and then we never saw them again.
  • One day I discovered that doctors were living with IT issues that impacted their ability to serve patients rather than contact the help desk.
  • They always said “yes”. We’ll do your website, we’ll install your legal software, we’ll do your wiring, we’ll install your phone system, we’ll negotiate your telecom agreement. Until we experienced world-class service in these areas we thought they were fine. In hindsight, I can’t believe we put up with their mediocre service for so long.

We’re focused. We deliver IT support – via managed services, proactive planning and projects – to our monthly retained clients in metro Atlanta. We strive for greatness in these areas. When our clients need help in areas outside of our expertise we refer them to world-class service providers, without taking any referral fees (see Partners).

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