Keep your data safe with 2-factor authentication

63% of all breaches are due to stolen, weak or lost credentials. What drives this? In most cases it is one of three things:

  • Simple passwords: Bad guys can get in with little effort when your employees create passwords that are easy to guess.
  • Phishing attacks: These emails and other tricks are often very sophisticated and can fool even savvy users.
  • Complex passwords: While simple passwords are easy to guess, overly complicated ones are just as problematic; employees are much more likely to save them in an unsecured file or write them on sticky notes if you require a new one every month.

1-Identity delivers an easy-to-use, secure solution that protects your business without saddling your people with onerous processes that few will follow.

  1. Two-factor Authentication (2FA): People need their user ID and password plus another form of identification as proof of identity – typically their smartphone – to get into your environment, dramatically increasing security over user ID and password-only authentication.
  2. Universal Directory (UD): A single, consolidated directory allows Network 1 to manage identity and access needs in a standard, consistent fashion. This enables Network 1 – with the proper authorization from your Security Point-of-Contact – to set up exception policies for people that travel and may need to occasionally log in without 2FA when temporarily out of WIFI coverage.
  3. Network 1 Support Desk: Unlimited support desk when people need our help for any reason (for example – if they lost their phone). Of course, this is with the proper authorization from your Security Point-of-Contact.


We would love to discuss how 1-Identity can help your business keep its passwords safe.