always on top of your system

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your servers and network 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year using a sophisticated remote management platform from N-Able Technologies.  Properly configured monitoring combines a proven tool and process with a client-centric workflow and best-in-class practices. This ensures the right components are monitored, self-healing capabilities are in place where possible, alert thresholds and workflows are set properly so alarms are sent when needed. 

Our NOC is manned from 5:00 am every weekday and performs these important tasks before our clients start their day: 

Checks alerts that came in overnight

    • Investigate each alert, including a review of the Windows event log
    • Fix issues that need to be addressed
    • Communicate issue and actions taken to field engineering teams
  • Checks server patches
    • Find and fix issues, reboot servers as needed and test performance.
    • Communicate to field engineering teams

Our monitoring and NOC services enable your Network 1 field engineering team to stay proactive, respond quickly, diagnose problems more thoroughly and provide real fixes, not Band-Aids. 


We would love to discuss how by monitoring your network and servers at all times means better productivity, data security and IT that "just works."