In-person assistance when you need it

No matter how good and responsive the support desk is, we have found that nothing takes the place of face-to-face assistance when it comes to maximizing the productivity of end-users.   

These onsite visits deliver value in three important ways:

  • Educating end-users and fixing small productivity nuisances that people have learned to work around (death by 1000 cuts).
  • Finding the root cause and permanently fixing any ongoing, nagging issues and staying in front of as many problems as possible - before they occur.
  • Building relationships with end-users, learning nuances about their business, uncovering how they use IT and sharing this knowledge internally in our client-centric knowledge base. This allows us to troubleshoot and fix problems more rapidly when a crisis arises.

The result: A stable, proactively maintained IT network – with fully productive end-users.

Dispatch Services

Network 1’s most utilized team procures, images and deploys workstations for our clients. Services include:

  • Remove bloatware (unnecessary software pre-installed on new PCs)
  • Image computers per client's Build List
  • Create (new employee) or clone (current employee) user profiles including mapped drives and security settings
  • Connect computer to network
  • Transfer local files (if applicable)
  • Hands-on orientation to new computer


We would love to discuss how our hands-on approach and field team can quickly resolve issues, train your users and ensure the systems are in place for you to remain productive and successful.