Next Generation Spam Filter – and More

When more than 3 billion phishing emails are sent each day, causing 94% of cyberattacks and 90% of data breaches, having the highest level of protection possible isn’t simply ideal, it is necessary. Powered by GreatHorn, 1-Guard Email Security far exceeds the average spam filter, taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect, intervene, equip, and train users to recognize and stop phishing attempts in their tracks.

1-Guard Email Security protects your business and informs users in multiple ways.

  • It detects threats before they hit your inbox. Its machine learning accurately identifies risky emails, threat patterns, and zero-day phishing attempts using behind-the-scenes analysis.
  • It allows us to respond and remediate more quickly. Its security layers allow Network 1 to see your entire email environment, giving us the visibility we need to quickly respond to, and remove, attacks right away.
  • It provides on-the-spot protection and education. While rare, even the best spam filters will let the occasional risky email through, therefore educating users is vitally important. Using smart links to provide time-of-click analysis to block and preview pages, smart banners to warn users about potential threats, and educational insight into senders and domains, it gives users the tools needed to recognize issues and make smart decisions.

1-Guard Email Security’s multi-pronged protection is the best way to defend your company’s data, networks, users, and even reputation from email-delivered cyberattack attempts.


We would love to discuss how our 1-Guard Email Security can help your business keep its assets and data safe.