Next Generation Spam Filter – and More

When more than 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent each day, impacting 83% of companies and causing 91% of cyberattacks and 22% of data breaches. With that in mind, having the highest level of protection possible isn’t simply ideal, it is necessary. Powered by Microsoft Defender for O365, 1-Guard Email Security far exceeds the average spam filter, taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect, intervene, equip and train users to recognize and stop phishing attempts in their tracks.

1-Guard Email Security protects your business and informs users in multiple ways.

  • Attachment Scans. All email attachments are scanned before they can be opened.
  • Integrated spam protection. It provides additional AI-based features to deal with spam.
  • Quarantine management options. This flexible solution provides end-users the authority to manage their own quarantine and set appropriate limits for users.
  • Protects Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive environments. Since security experts anticipate these tools will be targeted next, they are already protected with this solution.

1-Guard Email Security’s multi-pronged protection is the best way to defend your company’s data, networks, users, and even reputation from email-delivered cyberattack attempts.


We would love to discuss how our 1-Guard Email Security can help your business keep its assets and data safe.