Tuesday Tip: iPhone Camera Shutter Button Tricks

iPhone screen with a red arrow pointing to the right from the home buttonTrying to decide if you want to take a video or take a photo at an event? You don’t have to choose, you can do both!

  • Open your camera, hold the photo button, and the video
    will begin filming. When you take your finger off the photo button,
    the video will stop recording
  • You can also swipe right from the shutter button to record video from photo mode. Tap the red stop button to stop recording.
  • You will notice a small shutter button to the right of the red video recording button. Tap the smaller shutter button to take a photo
    while recording the video. Beware: there won’t be any sound or indication the photo was taken.
  • Hold the shutter button and swipe up or down on the
    screen to zoom in and out while filming.

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