Tuesday Tip: Smart Rings – The New Wearable Tech

Male hands, wearing an Oura ring, holding an iPhone with health stats.Are you tired of a SmartWatch around your wrist all the time? If so, why not try the lightweight, discreet option of a Smart Ring instead? Smart Rings do everything a watch does, including monitoring sleep, activity and wellness. And since Rings are screenless, they tend to have longer battery lives than Smart Watches.

One of the most popular Smart Rings is the Oura Ring. It’s lightweight, charges quickly, and syncs with many different apps. The Oura Ring easily connects with Apple Health, Google Fit, iOS, and Android apps so you can track your daily and monthly metrics from your mobile device.

Users learn to understand themselves through health data that includes heart rate, body temperature, stress levels, and blood oxygen levels. If the Oura Ring senses stress, it will not only adjust your activity goals accordingly, it will also offer guided meditation options. To unlock more in-depth information, like sleep analysis and temperature trend monitoring, sign up for the $6 a month membership option.

The Oura Ring has  additional technical options that are very versatile. For example, it can store your financial information so you can pay for things on the go, and let you access your building if you use a badge to enter.

Another Smart Rings option is the AmazFit Helio Ring and the Samsung Galaxy Ring is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2024. If you want a great way to monitor and track fitness goals, consider a sleek, discreet ring.

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