Tuesday Tip: Get Better Results from Your Outlook Search

By Kate O’Neal

Recently at a meeting with a client, one of the users asked his primary engineer if he could help him out with some Outlook search tips. He wanted to be able search using Outlook wild cards to narrow down his search. We all know how crucial email is to our daily productivity, and simply searching with the search bar can sometimes be quite frustrating with the wide range of results we receive.

Say I need
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Tuesday Tip: Find Vegan-Friendly Food Options with Happy Cow

by Erin Kowtko

Ever been out to a restaurant, peruse the extensive menu only to shake your head in dismay because there aren’t any vegetarian options? It still happens to me from time to time unless I do my homework ahead of time or settle for a boring plate of overpriced pasta.

Fear no more, fellow vegetarians, vegans and health conscious folks, because Happy Cow ensures that you won’t have another awkward night out on the town. This
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Lawyers Have Their Heads in the Cloud (Infographic)

by Tony Rushin

Though not generally perceived as the dreamy type, today’s lawyers definitely keep their heads in the cloud. (The internet cloud, that is, not the kind dominated by idle thoughts and fantasies.) From web-based software to mobile devices, attorneys are relying on cloud technology at an increasing rate to complete their work. The ABA’s 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report documents this shift to cloud-based tools for lawyers, and MyCase has created a helpful infographic
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Tuesday Tip: Cynthia’s Corner – Who Did You Call?

By David Gracey

Today we take a trip back to Cynthia’s Corner. I hadn’t received any frantic phone calls from my mother-in-law Cynthia requesting tech help in quite a while. I was beginning to wonder if her land line was broken, when one day the caller ID on my phone displayed “Cynthia.”  I answered the call with much trepidation but was relieved when I was greeted on the other end of the line by her husband,
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Tuesday Tip: Hackers Love Macros

By Richard Stokes

If you receive an email from someone with an attachment (Word, Excel or PDF) with instructions on it to open the document and then enable Macros, would you do it? This is where you’re supposed to answer with ‘No.’ To take it a step further, what if it was from someone you knew really well – would you open it then? (Hint: the answer is still no.)

If you’re a user of Macros then I
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