Tuesday Tip: Email “Followup” Made Easy

by Erin Kowtko

If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s overflowing with email. Some emails are tagged as important, others serve as a reminder that I’m awaiting a response from a client, and then there are those that function as a cue to complete a task for a client. All those emails can add up pretty quickly and can be tough to keep track of.

Thankfully there is a wonderful solution. FollowUpThen is an email
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Tuesday Tip: A Quicker Way to Attach Files in Outlook

By David Gracey

For better or worse, Microsoft Outlook has pretty much become the center of my work universe. I’m a slave to it. Neither young enough nor cool enough to use instant messaging as my main method of communication, I am sticking with Outlook.

In a typical workday, I send a lot of attachments by email. For years, I would locate the file I wanted to send, right click on it, then choose SEND TO > MAIL
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Top Tech Trends in 2017 for Commercial RE and Development Companies

by Tony Rushin

Real estate has always been a dynamic field with rapidly changing risks, and 2017 looks to be no different for the industry. But despite upheavals in the global economy and the uncertainty of a new administration, the U.S. is currently seen as a relatively positive environment for commercial real estate and development, with plenty of opportunity for investment.

Key drivers of change for the sector in 2017 include a number of tech-driven opportunities and trends
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Tuesday Tip: Turn Off the Annoying Handwriting Interface When Texting

by Richard Stokes

I love technology yet sometimes it can be rather annoying. One of my little annoyances with the new iOS on the iPhone happens when I am texting someone and I slightly turn my iPhone to the side; as the screen changes to landscape mode, the entire text window changes to the handwriting interface.

My kids love this feature but I’m not really a fan, especially when I have things to do. Here’s how
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Embracing the Chill at the Polar Bear Run

Our very own Tony Rushin and his daughter Hannah took on the chilly morning weather and ran the Polar Bear Run this past weekend. Starting and finishing at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, this Peachtree Road Race Qualifier supports local high school music students who participate in music-related mission trips and choir tours.

Congratulations to Tony, Hannah and all those who participated in this very worthwhile event!