Tuesday Tip: Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode

By Richard Stokes

Admit it – we all do it. You are driving and your phone dings with a new text message. You think to yourself, “I’m sitting in traffic anyway, so I’ll just take a quick peek.” Next thing you know, the car in front of you has moved, and the person behind you is now honking. Do that a few times without incident, and then it becomes easier for you to justify doing it while you are
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Tuesday Tip: Power out? No problem.

By Tony Coughlin

The very active hurricane season this year has left millions of people without power. The loss of power affects us in many ways, including communication and productivity. Here are some technology tools that will help you keep communication lines open and be more productive during power outages.

Portable USB Battery:

A good portable USB battery is a must during a power outage. It is especially important if the outage is due to a natural disaster, such
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Tuesday Tip: Movies on the Cheap

by Tony Rushin

Any Movie, Any Theater, Any Day. Only $9.95 per month.

This is the headline on the MoviePass website. Too good to be true – right? Well, it’s legit. My son-in-law, Corey Shores, is a musician and Student Worship Leader at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church. Corey is an awesome son-in-law, loves movies and loves to find deals (he’s really good at that). He recently told me about MoviePass. It works for all major
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Tuesday Tip: Take a Seat

By Kate O’Neal

For many of us, going out to eat is a relaxing break after a busy and sometimes stressful workday. Some do it more often than others, but I’m sure we can all admit it’s a nice break from spending time shopping, prepping and cooking the meal, and cleaning the kitchen afterwards. For me, one of the negative aspects of going out to eat is it’s often more expensive than cooking at home. What if I
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Good Times and Good Ideas at E2E

 by Tony Rushin

Network 1 was delighted to participate in another successful E2E: Where Education Meets Expertise event last week. We always have fun at these AALA events, and come away with great insights as well. This one was, as expected, chock full of useful ideas and engaging discussions – and it was at the Georgia Aquarium. Who doesn’t love seeing old friends and fascinating aquatic fauna while learning new things at the same time?

Since we had three
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