Tuesday Tip: Hackers Getting More Aggressive

By David Gracey

Recently we have noticed a trend with hackers demonstrating a new level of aggression and determination. The bad guys are getting cleverer — and more dangerous — in their methods of stealing our personal information. There are many different kinds of attacks and one of the most common is known as “phishing,” which is where the bad guys trick you into giving up your login and password for a particular service, like online banking or
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Tuesday Tip: AdBlock – How to Turn Off Ads When Surfing Websites

By Richard Stokes

If you ask any marketing firm, they will most likely tell you that in the world of advertising “video content is king.” In fact, YouTube states that almost 5 billion videos are watched on their site every single day.

That being said, what I don’t enjoy about today’s video experience is when I have to watch a commercial before the actual video is played. Makes me feel a bit like this grumpy dog.

Well no
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Reduce Your Company’s Cyber Security Risks

by Tony Rushin

“No locale, no industry or organization is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data.” This alarming statement from Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report is scary, but absolutely true. People often think that their business won’t be a target, but every company – no matter how small – is at risk from cybercrime. The costs of this kind of crime are growing rapidly; Juniper Research estimates that the worldwide cost
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Tuesday Tip: Does Your Phone Share Too Much About You?

by Cheryl Sklar

Recently a woman found someone’s lost iPhone in a public bathroom and within minutes she was able to discover the owner’s name, address, recently called contacts, and where her car was parked. That’s frightening, especially because that was without knowing the PIN.

The woman who found the iPhone simply asked Siri a couple of questions:

Hey, Siri . . . what’s my name? Hey, Siri . . . who do I call most? Hey, Siri
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Tuesday Tip: Blinkist Revisited – 15 Minutes? Read a Book!

by Tony Rushin

Since my Waze Revisited article was Network 1’s most popular tip in 2016, I figured our readers must like tips that revisit awesome apps so I figured I’d repeat the winning formula. And, since a photo of my daughter, Hannah, and me was in the Waze Revisited article, I’m including one here too: here we are at Hannah’s wedding last September.

When I first wrote about Blinkist in 2014, the app was one year
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