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Tuesday Tip: Professional Production Is Everything?

By Kevin Jackman In the business world, as well as our personal lives, much of how others perceive us relates directly to the quality at which we produce. This goes for websites, flyers, invitations, and even our personal social media. Producing visual content at an industry level will do nothing less than legitimize your brand.…

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Tuesday Tip: Minimize Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

By Richard Stokes For those of you who use AT&T for cellular service and, like me, get those annoying unwanted telemarketing calls on your cell phone, then keep on reading because this tech tip is for you. I first heard about this service from a business partner, Donna Grindle with Kardon Compliance. So thank you,…

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Tuesday Tip: Gone Phishing

By Tony Coughlin What is phishing? It is becoming a more frequent term in everyday life. The term is defined as an attempt to obtain sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card information by disguising as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. In other words, these bad boys and girls are going to send…

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Tuesday Tip: Make Gratitude a Habit

by Tony Rushin Every Monday morning, we have a 10- to 30-minute Leaders’ Huddle on my team where we discuss ways to become better leaders in order to serve others more effectively. I don’t always lead the huddle; sometimes Richard or Erin leads the team. Last month, Richard discussed the benefits of having a daily…

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Office Licensing: What’s Best for My Organization?

Office Licensing – What’s Best for My Organization? | Network 1 Consulting

By Kate O’Neal You might ask yourself, “How does one make sense of the complicated world of software licensing – specifically, Office licensing?” Okay, maybe you don’t find yourself asking that question often. With our 100+ managed clients, we come across this scenario quite often. We want to make it easy on you so your…

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