Tuesday Tip: Search Within WhatsApp

Young woman using cell phone to send text message on social network at night. Closeup of hands with computer laptop in backgroundNo matter what platform you use, messages accumulate over time, and it can be hard to find what you need, when you need it. Maybe you’re looking for the street address of a restaurant you want to try or that funny quote your sister sent to you. For those that use WhatsApp, there is an easy way to search your messages in virtually the same way you use Google to find information.

What is WhatsApp?

For those that aren’t familiar, WhatsApp is a free messaging service that works across platforms, including Macs and iPhones and Windows PC and Android phones. You can use it to text and call others, as well as send photo, video and audio messages. The beauty of WhatsApp is that it uses Wi-Fi to communicate across platforms, unlike iMessage and Messages by Google, which require cellular networks and SMS to work. This cross-message platform is very popular with those that have friends and family abroad, travel internationally or live outside the US, since it is a free way communicate without worrying about the cost of international calls or messaging.

How Do You Search Within WhatsApp?

Another feature that makes WhatsApp easy to use is its search functionality. You can search messages, videos, photos, links, GIFs, audio and even documents with its search feature. For iOS versions, you simply swipe down to show the search bar from the Chats tab. If you are using an Android phone, simply tap the Searchsearch icon. From there, you can simply type the word or phrase you are looking for in the field, then tap on the result from the list. To narrow the options even further, you can select the media type you are searching for too. Like any search functionality, the more specific you can be with your search, the more likely you are to find that you want.

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