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Keyboard shortcut Jumping MouseSince we started writing and posting our Tuesday Tips there have been many dedicated to tricks and time savers in Microsoft Excel.  If you missed out on some of our previous ones, here are a few for your reading pleasure:  Divide and Conquer: Columns in Excel, Excel Conditional Formatting and How to fix a Common Excel Error.

This week’s tip goes out to all of you who are fans of using keyboard shortcuts instead of your mouse.  This little guy (pictured) holds a special place in my heart as he was used in one of David’s tips and I always chuckle at the sight of the little fella.

Anyway, enough about jumping mice.  Here is how to insert or remove a row or column in Excel without using your mouse:

1)    Below is a sample of a spreadsheet that shows an insurance payer mix for a medical practice.  Let’s say you want to add another row above Cigna so that you can track a new insurance carrier contract.  Start by selecting any cell in that row (row 6).  In this case I have selected cell B6.

Keyboard shortcut - Insert rows in Excel #1



2)    Then on the keyboard, press and hold the ‘SHIFT’ key along with the ‘SPACE’ bar.  This will highlight the entire row as shown below.  If you want to add a column instead of a row, follow the same step but press and hold the ‘CTRL’ key along with the ‘SPACE’ bar and the B column will be highlighted (columns will add to the left of the section you have highlighted).

Keyboard shortcut - Insert rows in Excel #2



3)    Once the row or column is highlighted press and hold the ‘CTRL’ key along with the ‘+’ key.  A blank row will be inserted above (or column to the left).  This also works the other way if you want to delete a row or column by pressing and holding the ‘CTRL’ key and then the ‘–‘ key.

Keyboard shortcut - Insert rows in Excel #3



Note – if you do not have the accounting number key pad as a part of your keyboard (circled in red) then you won’t have a stand-alone ‘+’ key as shown (#1).  In this case, you’ll have to use the key that is shared with the ‘=‘ symbol (#2).  In order for this shortcut to work you will have to press and hold ‘CTRL’, ‘SHIFT’ and the ‘+/=’ key to get the same result.

Keyboard shortcut - Insert rows in Excel #4




So, keep cranking away in your spreadsheets and leave that mouse alone.

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