by Tony Rushin

Did you know that you can write an email using Outlook and schedule it to be delivered at a future date?  I’m using this feature more and more lately:

    • If I know someone’s on vacation right now
    • If I have the brainstorm at 7:00 pm but the person I’m sending the email to is a morning person
    • If I know an engineer is tied up in an all-day project

Other people tell me they write several birthday emails at once and schedule them to be sent over the next few weeks.  Whatever the reason, it’s simple to do.

Let’s say I want to send an email to my boss, David, but I want to make sure he’s in a really good mood when it pops into his inbox.  I know he’s going to “Donuts with Dad” with his daughter on Thursday so I want to deliver the email to him right after that.  I’ll show you the steps in Outlook 2010 but it’s also easy in Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Type the email as usual then select Options and click Delay Delivery:


Now type in the date and time then click Close:


Then click Send like you normally do.  The email is held in your Outbox until it’s time to deliver it.

I know David’s thinking 1% but maybe with great email timing I can bump the raise up closer to the 10% I’m thinking about!

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