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by David Gracey

Your boss is clamoring for you to get to the cloud. But before you take off too quickly, consider these four hidden costs of cloud migration from a study by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

  1. Incurring Unexpected Expenses For Initial Systems Migration
    Lesser known migration fees include the costs of recoding apps to work in a virtualized environment, reformatting data to sync with your SaaS provider, organizing federated identity and access management, and developing cloud-management processes.  Anticipate all areas of impact so that these costs don’t surprise you!
  2. Bringing Services Back In-House Due To Regulatory Change
    The cloud might become impractical if the government sets stricter data privacy rules or mandates more rigorous compliance. This may require a company to remove data from the cloud, account for its accuracy; shred or sanitize cloud storage data; configure in-house systems to replace cloud services; pay early termination penalties; re-apportion IT resources to support services being reverted; or buy physical resources to host services being returned. The list of potential expenses goes on and on!
  3. Implementing Countermeasures To Mitigate Risk
    Companies may have to purchase data encryption tools, plan and test mitigation strategies as well as maintain off-line backups and auditing logs. When someone leaves the company, you don’t want an outsider to have access to your entire system!
  4. Using Lock-In Cloud Models May Thwart Open-Standard Adoption
    Locking in to a particular cloud provider or proprietary service model may impede future adoption of open standards-based services. Make sure you can cancel your contract without paying a huge fee!

You may want to check out one of the blogs I wrote at the first of the year on Cloud Computing in Medical and in Legal.  Also, I discuss Cloud in this radio interview (fast forward to the 8:15 mark; the Cloud discussion lasts 5 minutes).


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