Tuesday Tip: What Good is a Phone if You Have No Service?

Cell phones have become a standard part of everyday life.  We use them for everything from work to gaming.  Nothing is more frustrating that having your cell service go out or be too weak or slow to be productive.  In this short article I will go over some tips and tricks to increase you cell coverage and get you back to experiencing the fast speeds and connections you need.

The most common problems people can experience is that their phone battery is low or their system is not up to date.  The battery being low can affect performance so make sure to keep a healthy charge and a portable charger near by.  Secondly, if your phone is running on old or outdated software performance issues are bound to rise.  Go into your setting and update to the latest version of software available.  I know updating is a pain in the neck but it won’t take that long and it will save you time and stress in the future.

The classic IT solution – “Did you turn it off and on again?” – while this solution is still true, turning your phone off and on can be a slow and inconvenient process; I have a faster option for you.  When it comes to your cell connection if you go into airplane mode, wait 10 seconds and then exit, the phone essentially restarts the process to connect to the cell towers instead of the whole phone.

If you are still having connection problems the next best solution is to connect to WIFI and set up WIFI calling in your settings.  If you are in a situation where the WIFI is stronger than your cell signal using WIFI over your cell service may provide better call quality or internet speeds.

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