Tuesday Tip: The Lookup Feature on iPhones

iOS' “Define” Feature Is Now “Look Up”, and It Can Do a Lot More

Did you know that there’s a look up feature on the iPhone?  Personally, I am big on creating to-do lists and mapping out finances in the note’s app on my phone.  It’s easy to manage and provides me with quick access.  Whenever I have a long equation or if I am unfamiliar with a word, I use the look-up function.  To use the look-up function, you would double tap or highlight the word or equation (make sure there is an equal sign at the end of the equation) and select the option “Look-up”.  If it’s an equation, select the web option and it’ll take you to your web browser where the answer will appear.  If it’s a word or phrase you’re looking up,  Apple will provide dictionary meanings and suggestions from websites, movies, TV shows, Maps and Apple Music related to that word/phrase. The lookup feature isn’t limited to the note’s app, you can use the lookup feature on various websites and other phone apps. I hope you find this as useful as I did!


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