Tuesday Tip: If You Enjoy Wordle, Try These Imitators

By now most people have heard of Wordle, but if not, it’s a game where you guess a five-letter word in six guesses, and you only get one game a day. You don’t get any clues on your first guess, but after that the clues include tiles marked by different colors that signify if those letters are used in the word that day. If you find yourself wanting to play more Wordle, but have already played your game for the day, try these similar, but different versions.

Heardle: This is a music-based game where you guess the artist and song title based on a small sample of the song each day. You can skip your guesses to hear more of the song. When you type in the artist, it will highlight the letters that are correct, giving you a good idea if your guess is correct before you submit your answer. You get six tries to guess the song, and at the end, it will play the full song.

Worldle: This is a world map-based game where you guess the country based on a shape shown at the top. Once you make your initial guess, it will give you a percentage of how close you are to the country, as well as an arrow pointing in the direction of the correct destination. You are also given the proximity of your guess relative to the answer in kilometers. Like the other games, you get six guesses. At the end, it links to a google map showing where the country is located.

Nerdle: This one is a math-based game. Each guess is a calculation where the tiles are marked by different colors showing if your numbers are in the correct spot. You again get six tries to guess the calculation of the day.

Framed: This game shows you a still image from a movie, and you make your guesses based off that. You get six movie stills to guess through.

I’ve personally played all the above variants of Wordle, but I most enjoy Heardle, Worldle, and Framed. I wouldn’t necessarily call any of them easier or harder than the other, but if you’re good at identifying songs quickly, enjoy movies, or solving math problems, you will probably find more enjoyment with the games geared towards your strengths.

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