Tuesday Tip: Give Your Workout an Upgrade with This Fitness App

By: Andrew Edwards


When you go for a walk, jog, run, or bike ride, do you typically track your progress with a fitness app on your mobile device? Well, with warmer weather right around the corner (first day of spring is March 20th!), it may be time to consider downloading a fitness app to help you reach your fitness goals for 2019.

Personally, I have been using a free mobile app called Runkeeper for the past 3 years that allows me to track my workouts (for me personally, it is long-distance running) via GPS. Through this, the app allows me to keep track of my running time, distance, average pace, average speed, and so on.



Link-up or plug-in a pair of headphones to your smartphone during your workout in order to receive verbal cues from the app updating you on the current state of your workout. You can set up the app so that these updates on your workout progress will drop in every 0.5 miles, 1 mile, 2 miles, and so forth, or by increments of time (every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.). This serves as a great motivator mid-workout as you are able to easily gauge whether you need to pick up the pace, or slow things down in order to meet your goal for the day.

Furthermore, you can customize the actual voice that chimes in during your workout to update your progress. Some options include a drill instructor, a Boston fan, and the standard default voice just to name a few. This feature depends on your workout style as some voices are there to humor you, some are there to motivate you, and some are there simply to update you as you progress through your walk, run, or bike ride.



At the end of your workout, the app provides you with a detailed summary including a map of your workout, your split times, an elevation chart, your calories burned, etc. If your friends have the Runkeeper app as well, they will immediately be notified of your complete workout details on their phone. In my circle of friends, this allows us to hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated.

If you are searching for more structure and progress in your workouts, look no further than downloading a fitness app such as Runkeeper. This little bit of technology is sure to motivate you to get outside more frequently, and in-turn propel you to reach those fitness goals that you set back in the beginning of the year.



Andrew Edwards

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