Tuesday Tip: Edging Its Way to the Top?

Everyone has a favorite browser, but you might be surprised at how much Microsoft Edge has changed if you haven’t given it a look in a while. In recent years, Microsoft has been heavily investing in making its browser a true competitor to Google Chrome, which is by far the most popular browser on the market today, and it seems to be working. In fact, there are some areas where Edge is considered superior to Chrome now, especially when it comes to speed and resource consumption.

  1. Image Creator: A new AI feature that uses the DALL-E model to convert text into images is now available. You can access it in the Edge sidebar by selecting “+” and toggling to Image Creator. This is different from searching for existing images since each one is AI-generated based on the description you write. (Pro tip: Be VERY descriptive when writing what you want since AI is not good with text clues or nuance.) You can learn more here.
  2. Grouping similar tabs: This new feature helps you to group your open tabs and reduce clutter. With this tool, you can easily group related webpages such as “Vacation Planning,” “News,” “Read Later,” etc. and give each group its own unique name and color code as well. Learn more on how to use it here.
  3. Split Screen: Using this feature, you can view two tabs in the same window, side by side. This makes is much easier to copy/paste content, compare pricing and features before making a purchase, or refer to a source while working on a project on another site. It will be available soon, but you can access it by following the instructions here.

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