Tuesday Tip: Do You Ever Read the Terms of Service?

Almost no one ever reads the Terms of Service associated with anything these days. Think about it – who has the time to sort through the pages and pages of legalese to simply get to an app or a website. If you do, you’re probably a legal expert in the field of contract law. If you’re not, you’re going to do what we all do and scroll all the way to the bottom and willingly accept them and get on with your life.

Introducing: Terms of Service Did Not Read – https://tosdr.org/

Established in June 2012, TOSDR is a project that much like Wikipedia, is funded by donations. It exists for the sole purpose of reading through the terms and conditions of sites, summarizing them and providing a rating based on how much of your personal information is at stake.

Facebook gets a terrible rating – no surprises there.

Facebook Terms of Service

DuckDuckGo gets an A rating – no surprises there either.

TSDNR DuckDuckGo

So, the next time you are about to sign up for something and accept the Terms of Service, take a quick peek at this site to see what you may or may not be getting yourself in to.

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