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There are many reasons to invest in an online backup/recovery solution. It will save you the horror and many headaches you’re likely to experience if you were to lose every file and photo on your computer. Don’t think this could happen to you? This situation is more common than you think. Be prepared with a backup plan…a backup/recovery solution!

Recovery is the key.  If you have a backup plan in place but have never tested the recovery… beware, up to 77% (depending what report you read) of the recoveries from tape fail.  Here’s the bottom line: periodically test the recovery of your data to make sure everything is working!

Being able to get your data in the event of an emergency is important.  However, 4 other important criteria to consider are speed (backup and recovery), granularity (can you recover just 1 file?), automation (if a person’s involved the chances for error go up) and price.

What to Choose? There are plenty of options to choose from; here are a few:

Cloud: from slow, automated and fairly inexpensive (MozyPro and Carbonite) to fast, automated and expensive – and points in between.  Getting your backed up data off-site, which should be part of any disaster recovery plan, is also a by-product of a cloud solution.

USB Drives: can be fast but not too granular and getting them off-site isn’t automated. It Can be a good, cost-effective solution for a small office.

On-site Backup/Recovery Appliance: can be fast, highly granular and automated.  Price points vary and continue to come down.  Most can also be linked to off-site cloud solutions.

BDR: Backup & Disaster Recovery Device.  This is a specific kind of on-site appliance that can also act as a “hot spare” if a server goes down.

Do you have a backup plan? Avoid data or file loss in an event of a computer failure. For more information on backup solutions call us today!

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