Windows 7: Don’t Wait to Upgrade

Upgrade to Windows 7 to be More Efficient

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows 7, has now been out for over 6 months and many businesses have begun testing and using it in their environments.  The votes are in and Windows 7 is a big success.  We have used Windows 7 internally at Network 1 for almost a year now with very positive results.  Many of our clients have tested it with their applications and, as long as the applications are somewhat current, they have been successful.  The comments we hear most frequently are Windows 7 is faster than any of its predecessors (assuming you are running it on relatively current hardware), it is easier to use and hardly ever freezes or crashes.  There are some neat, wiz-bang features that give it a nice ‘cool’ factor, but those are secondary reasons to upgrade.  From an IT perspective, it’s much easier and faster to install, which saves time and money for our clients, and fixes many bugs from its predecessor.  Many have suggested that Windows 7 was a “must win” product for Microsoft given the poor performance and adoption rate of Vista and increasing competition from Mac and other less known operating systems.  From all indications, Microsoft has gotten the win.

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