Tuesday Tip: You’re Not Deaf, Netflix Thinks You Have Surround Sound

watching netflixOur family loves to watch Netflix movies, and I like the time we spend together in harmony. I finally found a life hack to achieve both in the same evening.

When we initially started watching Netflix, the background music and sound effects were so loud that it was hard to hear the dialogue. Open a bag of chips, crunch on a pretzel or use the ice maker and the whole family would yell at you. We would have to backtrack and watch the scene again to hear what the actors said. The problem? Netflix thought we had surround sound.

If you have this issue too, go to the bottom of the Netflix screen and click the OTHER button to bring up your default audio. In our case, “English [Original] (5.1)” was checked. This meant Netflix thought we had five speakers and one subwoofer (which we don’t), so we changed the default audio to “English [Original].”

The background music is now not nearly as loud, and we can hear the actors speaking in the movie. We can even get ice for our drink during a movie without causing family turmoil. Success!

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