Tuesday Tip: The Splitwise App Makes Splitting Bills A Breeze


Do you struggle to split a bill at a restaurant when you’re with a group of friends? Have trouble dividing utility bills among roommates? Use Splitwise! Splitwise is a popular app designed to simplify the process of splitting bills and shared expenses.

Splitwise lets you create an event, then add all the individual users involved. From there, everyone inputs their expenses into the app, and Splitwise works out exactly who owes whom at the end. Users can easily track and split expenses for dining out, vacations, parties, or household bills.

Benefits include:

  • Track Balances – Keep track of shared expenses, balances, and who owes whom for accurate record-keeping.
  • Add Expenses Easily – Quickly add expenses on the go before you forget who paid.
  • Organize Expenses – Split expenses with any group: trips, housemates, friends, or family.
  • Simplified Bill Splitting – Fairly divide expenses among participants, ensuring equitable sharing.
  • Pay Friends Back – Through real-time updates and integration, you receive instant updates on balances and settle debts seamlessly through integrated payment platforms.

Use Splitwise to effortlessly manage expenses and enjoy time with friends and family instead of managing financial matters.

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