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Sometimes the text messages on your iPhone may be very valuable and important to you for several reasons. Yes, there are ways to store them, but what if you need an actual copy? Below are instructions to print iPhone text messages via email or screenshot.

Option 1: Print text messages from iPhone via email

To print messages via email, you need to manually copy, paste and send each message conversation via email. With this option, you can only copy one message at a time. If you have multiple messages that need to be printed, this method will take you much time and energy. You will also lose all the date and time information. To print messages from your iPhone via email, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Message app on your iPhone and open the conversation you want to print.
  2. Tap and hold the message you want to print to get various options (copy, forward, and more). Select the “Copy” option to copy the contents of the message to the clipboard.
  3. Open the Mail app on your iOS device and draft a new email. Tap and hold the message body to get various options. Select the “Paste” button to paste the text message you just copied. You can either email the message to yourself, or save the email as a draft.
  4. Access your email account from a computer to print out the email text, which contains your text messages.

Option 2: Print Text Messages from iPhone by Taking Screenshots

We can take a screenshot of everything on the iPhone screen, including chat, maps, and text messages. After taking screenshots of your messages, you can print them without any hassle. Yes, it’s really easy. Using this technique, you can capture text messages and then print.

  1. Open the text message that you want to print.
  2. Press the Power and Home button at the same time to take a screenshot. Make sure that you press both the buttons simultaneously.
  3. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone to view your screenshots. You can simply select these images and send them directly to a printer. Please keep in mind it has to be a wireless printer.*

*If you don’t have access to a wireless printer, you can take a screenshot of the text by holding the Power and Home button at the same time. Go to the “Photos” app on your iPhone, select the image and send yourself or anyone else the text message photo through email. When you receive the email, the actual text message image will be in the body of the email that you can print out.

You might ask yourself, “How is this different than the first option?” In this case, you are emailing an actual image of the text message versus just copying the text conversation and emailing it. This could be a challenge because it appears in a larger photo format. However if you are looking for just certain short conversations, it can be beneficial as it also displays the time of the text at the top just as it is displayed on your phone, along with the contact you are messaging. If the conversation is of a longer length, you can simply take multiple screenshots and send them in multiple emails, which can be a little more time consuming.


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