Tuesday Tip: Let Google Lend a Hand

Black businesswoman dictating message on phone in a coffee shop terraceDo you want to save yourself some time? Of course, we all do! Next time you need to write a document, especially a long one, try a little-known transcribing tool in Goggle Docs and let it do the typing for you.

To activate this tool, open Google Docs and navigate to the Tools tab at the top; now select Voice Typing, and you are ready!

When setting up the tool, don’t forget to select your personal dialect; this will allow you to speak normally and ensure more accurate transcription. In addition to speaking your document into being, you can also use commands to edit and format it by giving commands including Italics or Go to End of Line.

This tool is so “smart” it will even understand punctuation commands and create new lines and paragraphs for you. You can also tell it what to do in terms of formatting, font size, editing (including cut and paste), and navigating to any location in your document.

Now that Google has done the heavy lifting, what will you do with all your extra time?

Jessi Page: As a Client Manager, Jessi’s approach to customer relations is simple: never miss an opportunity to be a “Day Maker.” She goes above and beyond to ensure business continuity, collaborating with team members and following up with customers to ensure their satisfaction.

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