by Tony Rushin

The iPad Mini was announced last Tuesday and will be available this Friday.  I’m not going to bore you with technical specs – we’ve both got more important things to do.  However, I did run across a few blogs that caught my eye for the legal and medical community:

Law Technology News: early feedback from the legal technology community
TechnoLawyer Blog: the perfect size for note-taking
MobiHealthNews: physicians will prefer the iPad mini – it’s pocketable
Mobile Health Computing: perfect for medical students and residents

Apple has sold over 100 million iPads since they were announced just two and a half years ago.  Clearly they hit the mark.  However, will the iPad Mini hit the mark?  Will it be a Treat or a Trick?  A day before Halloween, I figured the only way to definitively answer that question is to compare it to a “mini” that has been out for a while:


iPad Mini Snickers Fun Size
Size vs. Regular 40% smaller 58% smaller (this is bad)
Weight vs. Regular 53% lighter 69% lighter (again; bad)
Price vs. Regular 34% less 60% less
Availability Constrained (right now) Everywhere (can’t buy individual bars)
Name “Mini” is descriptive “Fun” is a lie (regular is more fun)
Fits in Pocket Yes – a big pocket Yes (but may melt)
Ability to “Satisfy You” ??? Always (according to commercials)

Based on this exhaustive market research my conclusion is that the iPad Mini will be a Treat… but people will not give them out to trick-or-treaters. Actually, the most insightful part of my market research is the discovery of Apple’s next tablet: the iPad King Size.

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