By Kristen Evangelista

I am sure during these crazy times, a lot of us might have gained a new hobby or spent more time on one we already have. Wine has been something I have enjoyed for many years now and just as wine matures, my tastes have matured in many ways as well.

When I went through a transformation and started drinking reds more than whites, it truly was like starting all over again. I had to learn my styles, tastes, regions, etc. I would walk into the wine store and not have a clue. Luckily, I have a great sales rep at my favorite wine store that knows his stuff. One of the things he suggested was downloading the Vivino wine app.

Once you download the app, there are so many different things you can do. You will be able to choose your wine with confidence. Get ratings, read reviews, and check prices instantly just by snapping a photo of any bottle or menu. You can also make a purchase right from your phone.

The great thing about this app, is you will never forget another wine. Once I have tried a wine and I know I would like to purchase it again, my favorite feature is that you can scan the label and then it keeps all the wines that you have tried and downloaded.

Pick a better wine by scanning any label at the store to see which wines to buy and which ones to pass on, as you will be able to see ratings, reviews and prices. Scan any wine list menu at a restaurant and see the rating and review of any wine on the list to make sure you get it right every time you go out. Vivino automatically tracks and organizes the wines you scan and rate creating a chart that displays your wine experiences. Now you are set, you can buy your next wine right from your phone, plus you will receive emails of wines that might be of interest to you based on your taste experiences. Enjoy the journey and cheers!




Kristen Evangelista

With multiple years of experience in customer service across many industries, Kristen brings her upbeat and positive attitude to the Network 1 team. She is dedicated to meeting clients’ needs so they can achieve greatness through Worry-Free IT. or 404.997.7640

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