Tuesday Tip: Convert Photo Slides Into Digital Photos with SlideScan by Photomyne

If you are an old timer like me, you know what a photo slide is. For those of you that don’t know what a photo slide is, there is an image below.

I became interested in this app, because my brother had mentioned he was going through boxes and boxes of old slides my parents have so that he can convert some of these to digital photos as a surprise. Most of these slides are probably pictures that they have not seen in decades, so this is a great way to preserve those special memories.

This app is able to scan your photos quickly and keeps them looking like new. Every photo is auto-cropped and auto-enhanced. See below one of my mother and I my brother has converted when I was cute.

The Photomyne app makes it possible to sort and edit your entire collection without hassle. You are also able to add dates, locations, names, captions, scan the backs of photographs, and even add audio-recordings. You can create an entire album, slide shows or collages.

Once you create a Photomyne account, you can access your collection from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet, as well as at home on your desktop. All stored safely and backed up on the Cloud so you never have to worry.

It also appears to be very easy to use and I even watch a YouTube video:

  • Open a backlight source on your computer (or use link provided in the app)
  • Hold the slide in front of the light
  • Long-press the capture button
  • See slides magically scanned and images revealed

The reviews all seem to be positive and below are some of the features compared to other scanning tools:

Photomyne has an entire suite of apps to include:

  • Photomyne
  • Lifeshow
  • Colorize
  • FamilyStars
  • SlideScan
  • Photo Family Tree
  • FilmBox


I am looking forward to seeing my brother’s final product. Enjoy your memories!

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