QuickTip: Mission Control

Courtesy of: Andrew Edwards, Network 1 Sales Operations Associate

Do you or someone you know use a Mac to work from home? If so, make sure you (or they) are utilizing the Mission Control feature – it’ll make life easier.

To open Mission Control, press the “F3” key, or swipe up on your track-pad with three fingers. Once in Mission Control, move your cursor to the top of the screen. This is where your desktop spaces live. Below this, you’ll notice your open windows filling out the rest of the screen.

To create a new desktop space in Mission Control, hit the “plus” sign in the top-right corner of the screen. Now, simply drag the windows you would like to move into each desktop space. Keep in mind that if there is a window that is fully expanded within a desktop space, you have the option to drag another window into that space from Mission Control to split the screen.

Exit Mission Control by pressing “F3” or swiping down on the track-pad with three fingers. Now, to easily navigate between desktop spaces without reopening Mission Control, swipe left or right with three fingers, or use Control-Right Arrow/Control-Left Arrow on your keyboard. I use this feature every day to quickly and seamlessly navigate between email, projects, and Teams on their respective desktop spaces. I hope you’ll enjoy utilizing it as well.


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