NFMGMA November 2012 Educational Session – State of the Industry: The Challenges – and Opportunities – that Lie Ahead for Physicians in 2013

Elizabeth Woodcock – Woodcock & Associates

by Richard Stokes

Well folks, the end of the year is nearly upon us and with it comes the inevitable madness associated with the season, such as; the closing of our respective business years, getting ready for the holidays and simply trying to maintain one’s own sanity.  Somewhere in-between all that we occasionally manage to find those brief moments where we wonder what the next year will hold for us both personally and professionally.

So, at the November educational session of the North Fulton MGMA we get the distinct honor of hearing from Elizabeth Woodcock of Woodcock & Associates who is going to give us her distinct insight in to the landscape for medical practices in 2013 and what that means to all of us in that profession.  Elizabeth has spent 20 years in the healthcare industry and as was the case at her presentation last year you can certainly expect to learn something new that can empower you to meet 2013’s challenges head-on.

Some of the areas she is going to cover with us are:

  • Medicare reimbursement
  • CPT codes
  • The impact of consumer directed healthcare
  • Changes – many of them negative

Elizabeth says that getting an understanding on the state of the industry is important because it will truly set the tone – from a bottom line perspective for the coming 12 to 14 months in each of your practices.  Plainly put this is an opportunity for us to gain new knowledge.

Which is exactly what Elizabeth wants to impart on us – knowledge of what to expect in 2013 and therefore how to better prepare.

One of the key action items she would like audience members to take following the meeting is to calculate the impact on reimbursement and determine the action steps related to the change in workflows.  So be thinking about that during her presentation and be prepared to ask questions.

There’s a term we use in our office of ‘drinking from a fire hose’.  I have a feeling that Elizabeth’s presentation is going to be no different, so be ready to listen and take in as much as you can.  Elizabeth is of course a fantastic resource so reach out to her on your own, but if you like to do your own homework and want some quick online tools here is a list of links to online resources associated with the topics that Elizabeth is going to be covering in the meeting:

This is going to be a great and extremely informative session so you don’t want to miss it.  If you haven’t already registered for this month’s event, what are you waiting for?  Feel free to share this with your peers and colleagues and invite them to attend as well.  North Fulton Medical Group Management Association.

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