Tuesday Tip: Goblin Tools – The Task Manager You Never Knew You Needed

Our brains don’t all work the same way, thank goodness. Some people are creative, others can fix anything around the house, some have trouble cooking dinner. But what happens when a person who can’t cook has a new friend coming over to dinner, a creative person needs to figure out how to do their laundry, or a handy person needs to transform the thoughts in their head into a to-do list?

Call on the Goblins! Goblin Tools uses artificial intelligence to make any task easier and more manageable. It can be accessed via a website and their app, available on iPhone and Android, for 99 cents.

Goblin Tools has 6 tools:

  • Magic To Do simplifies tasks by giving step-by-step instructions. For example, enter “doing laundry,” click the magic wand icon, and follow the directions. Click the spicy peppers icon to choose how detailed you want your directions to be.
  • The Formalizer takes the text you’ve written and makes it sound more professional, formal or casual.
  • The Judge detects the tone in a text or email you’ve written or received. Does my message sound condescending, or could it be taken the wrong way? The Judge will let you know.
  • The Estimator will reveal approximately how long a task will take to complete.
  • Write down all the things running through your brain and the Compiler will create a series of manageable tasks for you.
  • The Chef lets you enter items in your fridge and pantry and shows you what you can make with those ingredients. The Chef can incorporate dietary constraints, serving sizes, equipment, and time.

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