Tuesday Tip: Favorite Features of iOS 14

    Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 14 yet? In two previous Tuesday Tip entries from this year, we touched on a couple of new features that are offered by the latest update from Apple. While iOS 14 was released to the public back on September 16, 2020, I don’t think I am…

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Tuesday Tip: Air Pod Pro Message Reading

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of Air Pod Pro’s and for the most part I love them! I take them with me everywhere I go, and I love the noise cancellation feature. My only issue was that every time I received a text message, Siri would read my messages aloud. This became…

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Tuesday Tip: Are You an Expert at Zoom?

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By Kristen Evangelista The pandemic has changed the way we communicate with one another in our professional and personal lives. Although there are various types of video conferencing, Zoom for the moment is ranked as one of the most popular and easier platforms to use. As we all have acclimated to our new surroundings of…

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Tuesday Tip: Screencastify – Video Screen Capture

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Have you ever needed to explain how to do something to someone on their computer, but couldn’t coordinate a time to do a screenshare, or meet in person? With remote work being the new normal, it’s likely becoming a more common problem. I recently needed to explain how to make a change to our newsletter…

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