Tuesday Tip: The “Magic Mouse” Hidden in your Smartphone

Excited woman using cursor control on her phoneHave you ever made a typo? Of course, we all have. Do you ever wish it were easier to fix these mistakes on your phone?

Things get tricky on a smartphone where the text box is so tiny. You try to tap the right place on your phone screen to set your cursor, but inevitably you can’t quite seem to get it in the exact spot you need to fix the misspelled word and give up.

Good news smartphone users, there is a “hack” for this. Place and hold your finger on the space bar key, and abracadabra, the spot has now become a “magic mouse.” You can easily slide it around the screen and place it exactly where you want it. The great news is this hidden feature – called cursor control – is not just for text and messaging apps either. You can use it for web browsing and email functions too.

Correcting typos just got a lot easier!

Jessi Page: As a Client Manager, Jessi’s approach to customer relations is simple: never miss an opportunity to be a “Day Maker.” She goes above and beyond to ensure business continuity, collaborating with team members and following up with customers to ensure their satisfaction.

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