By Richard Stokes

Monoprice 1I remember the first time I purchased a wall mount flat screen TV for my home from BestBuy and thinking to myself – “Why are the HDMI cables so expensive?”  If memory serves me correctly, I think I paid around $30 for a single 6-foot HDMI cable.

In fairness, I might be exaggerating a little because I’m still irritated at the price I paid back then, particularly after I learned about a website called

Alan Schwartz, one of our Engineers, opened my eyes to the site about 2 years ago after he overheard me telling the story to a co-worker (I know – let it go, right!?).

To give you a comparison, a 6-foot HDMI cable from BestBuy’s online store starts at $19.99 and goes as high as $39.99, depending on the cable manufacturer you choose.  Now – I’m not a cable expert, but in my book, it’s just a cable!  I could be wrong.  From, a comparable 6-foot HDMI cable is $4.61!  Why would you want to shop for this stuff anywhere else?

Monoprice 3As more and more people are telecommuting and working from home either part time or after hours (particularly if you’re in the healthcare or legal professions), we like to offer good tips for home users, too.  See David’s previous Three Tips for Home Users. I’ve also found this site useful for iPhone accessories (chargers, cables, screen protectors and carry cases) as well as other technology-related items that I would use at home – and again at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for these at a cellular store.

Monoprice 2I don’t normally promote websites and certainly have no affiliation with this one but Christmas will be here in no time, so think ahead. See if you can find any of those tech items/stocking stuffers from  Besides, who wouldn’t want a 6-foot HDMI cable from Santa!  You’ll not only save yourself some money but probably a bit of time, too.

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