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Atlanta Association of Legal Administrators’ 23rd Annual Business Partner Expo

by Tony Rushin


Six weeks ago, over the 4th of July break, I got a crazy, brilliant idea: write 23 blogs to celebrate the AALA’s 23rd annual Business Partner Expo.  Crazy – because I had never written more than 2 blogs in a single month before; Brilliant – because I was truly excited about participating in our 2nd consecutive Business Partner Expo plus I was looking for a reason that would force me to build a regular blogging habit (see “crazy”, above).  I announced my celebration / commitment internally to David Gracey and Richard Stokes on July 5th.   Then, to make sure I followed through, I called Amy Hutcheson, Office Administrator at Schiff Hardin and a member of the AALA Business Partner Committee, on July 6th to let her know about my celebration / commitment.

23 blogs in 6 weeks is a lot of blogs – especially for me!  However, 23 years of working closely with vendors demonstrates the AALA’s consistent commitment to their business partners.  I’m a big Atlanta Braves fan, so here are some comparisons between the AALA and the Atlanta Braves:

Atlanta ALA Atlanta Braves
Years in Atlanta 37 (starting in 1975) 46 (starting in 1966)
When “the streak” began 1988 (first vendor luncheon) 1991 (playoff streak begins)
Length of streak 23 years (and counting) 14 years

I think the Atlanta ALA stacks up nicely!  And now, after I just finished watching my beloved Braves beat the Giants in the bottom of the 11th (nice hit Prado!), the day is here.  3:00 – 6:30; Cobb Galleria; the streak continues….

This is the 23rd of 23 blogs I’m writing to celebrate the Atlanta Association of Legal Administrators’ 23rd annual Business Partner Expo.  This year the Business Partner Expo will be held from 3:00 – 6:30 pm on August 17th at the Cobb Galleria.  Over 150 legal administrators and their guests are expected to be on hand learning about the latest technologies, finding solutions to business issues, uncovering emerging trends and developing valuable partnerships to help their law firms.  Already an AALA member?  I’ll see you there!  Not an AALA member?  Give me a call at 404.943.0800 x133 to discuss how you might be able to attend as a guest!

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