Office Copiers Not Secure

Erase Important Document Images From Your Leased Copier Before Returning

Most of us use the office copy machine to photocopy just about any type of document and do not give a second thought about the security of the document because the original and the copy are in our possession. But most copiers built after 2000 have a device inside that keeps an image of every document scanned or copied on the machine. The device is similar to the hard drive inside your computer that stores photos, Word documents and other important files.

The problem is that most people are unaware of the permanent storage of images on the copier and therefore do nothing to protect their information after the copier is retired. Almost always, these copiers are leased and returned to a reseller at the end of the lease term. At this point, the copier is cleaned up and re-sold but nothing is done to wipe out the old images stored there. A sample of second hand copiers reveal confidential information such as payroll records, criminal reports and social security numbers, as shown on this short YouTube video:

Make sure your office copier is properly handled after it is returned.

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