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Boost productivity and cut downtime with Network 1 Consulting, one of the leading Atlanta-based tech companies, with 25+ years of experience providing superior IT management and support.

Experience Accelerated Business Growth with a Leading IT Company in Atlanta

Eliminate recurring IT issues and make smart IT decisions with Network 1, trusted by 128+ businesses and counting

Why choose Network 1 as your trusted IT company and partner in Atlanta, Georgia?

  • Streamline your IT with our full-service company offering hardware, software, strategy & consulting services
  • Reduce downtime & disruptions with our swift response time, typically under 17 minutes, for seamless operations.
  • Get expert IT support fast with our 30-day mature onboarding process
  • Strengthen your data protection with comprehensive cybersecurity, monitoring, response, and employee training
  • Keep up with industry standards with our HIPAA,  NIST-compliant and CompTIA A+ Certified experts.

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Discover Why Our Satisfied Clients Recommend Us as One of the Leading IT Companies in Atlanta

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Discover the Comprehensive Services Offered by Our Premier IT Firm in Atlanta

Managed IT Services

Enjoy seamless operations with comprehensive IT infrastructure management in Atlanta. We tailor solutions to ensure reliability and advanced oversight.

IT Help Desk

Fast, responsive troubleshooting support and answers to your questions. Our experienced team provides fast, effective assistance, enhancing productivity and resolving issues quickly.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Robust services for disaster recovery and backup to safeguard your data against loss and system failures. Essential for maintaining business continuity and protecting client data.

Cloud Consultancy

Expert advice for effective cloud migration and management. We optimize your cloud infrastructure, offering scalable and efficient solutions.

Network Support

Dedicated & reliable support to maintain and enhance your IT network. Our services ensure stable, secure, fast connections for greater efficiency.


Comprehensive cybersecurity services in Atlanta to protect against digital threats. Our advanced solutions safeguard your systems from cyber attacks, ensuring data integrity.

IT Consulting

Strategic consulting in Atlanta that aligns technology with your business goals. Our team offers insights for optimizing your IT infrastructure and strategy.

IT Procurement

Streamlined procurement for hardware and software. We ensure you get the best technology at the best value, offering a cost-effective and wide range of solutions.

IT Outsourcing

Outsource IT needs to our experts in Atlanta for efficient and knowledgeable management. Led by an experienced project manager, our software solutions meet a wide range of business requirements.

Advantages of Choosing Our Company in Atlanta's IT Sector

Atlanta IT Companies

One Partner, One Invoice, One-Stop Solution for All Your IT Needs

Simplify your IT management with our all-inclusive, end-to-end IT support.

As a complete solution provider, we manage every aspect of IT, from hardware and software to data, processes, people, and strategy. Our specialized teams ensure each project is executed skillfully and promptly.

Avoid the hassle and cost of multiple IT service providers. With our premier IT firm, you get all essential services in one place:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  •  IT Consulting
  • Network Administration
  • Cloud services

Leverage our 25+ years of experience to drive your business with superior talent and cutting-edge technology.

IT Company in Atlanta

Fortify Your Digital Defenses With Our Tenacious Cybersecurity

Strengthen your business’s cyber defenses with Network 1’s comprehensive security solutions.

Cyber threats are a top concern for businesses; we address this with our in-depth technical assessments and multi-layered security strategies, including:

  • 1-Guard Security Suite: Features SentinelOne (EDR), Ninite, and KnowBe4 for robust protection.
  • O365 Security Hardening: Implements MFA, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and Microsoft’s security best practices.
  • 1-Shield Managed Firewall: Always updated, with fast replacement services in and overnight shipping in the U.S.
  • 1-Vault Solutions: Includes Veeam & NSure for reliable file restores, plus on-site appliances with full maintenance.
  • 1-Vault O365: Offers unlimited storage and retention.

We prioritize your security, focusing on the details and providing expert advice for unparalleled client care.

IT Company Atlanta

Make Smart IT Choices for Your Business Success with Our Expert vCIOs

Navigate IT challenges effectively with our seasoned vCIOs. They offer research-driven advice and timely strategies, ensuring your business gets the most from its IT investment.

Benefits of our vCIO services include:

  • Well-planned IT budgets
  • Advanced security strategies
  • Meeting key business goals
  • Regular IT performance evaluations
  • Continuous advice to overcome growth hurdles

Our vCIOs not only speed up current IT projects but also introduce tactics to boost your performance. With their guidance, you will make smart decisions at crucial moments and every day.

Trust our experts for a thriving IT future.

IT Firm in Atlanta

Navigate Complex Regulations with Confidence

Confidently meet or exceed industry regulations and protect your business from penalties and risk.

Our detailed compliance management processes are trusted in highly regulated sectors, ensuring adherence to stringent security and confidentiality standards.

We specialize in meeting:

  • PII
  • PCI
  • CMMC

As well as other crucial regulations to provide you with peace of mind and safeguard your operations.

Trust us to navigate the complex waters of compliance, keeping your business aligned with essential regulatory requirements. Our expertise ensures you’re always secure and as compliant as possible.

Tired of Overpaying for Underwhelming IT Services?

Network 1 can make a difference to your bottom line as we have for 128+ companies!

FAQs: Common Questions Asked to Atlanta IT Companies

IT costs vary depending on your specific requirements, such as the type of services needed, the complexity of your IT environment, the number of users, and the number of devices.

To get an accurate estimate tailored to your business’s unique needs, it’s best to contact us for a personalized, no-cost consultation.

At Network 1 Consulting, we’re known for providing dependable, business-focused IT services, earning the trust of more than 128 small and mid-sized businesses.

Our IT company helps you:

  • Remove persistent IT problems that hinder productivity
  • Reduce expenses through efficient system management
  • Integrate new technologies and update old systems

Partner with us for access to skilled and experienced IT professionals, offering comprehensive support for your IT infrastructure.

Our IT company stands out due to our client-centric approach, personalized solutions and robust range of services.

We specialize in combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise, ensuring responsive support and innovative strategies.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, evidenced by our impressive 98.43% satisfaction rate, and a commitment to driving business success, we provide unique value unmatched by others in the industry.

Our IT company prioritizes timely and effective support. We achieve this through a combination of advanced technology tools, a skilled support team available from 7 am to 7 pm, and efficient processes.

Our proactive approach to IT issues ensures a quick resolution and minimal disruption, keeping your business operations smooth and reliable.

Our service desk engineers resolve 92% of issues without escalation, demonstrating our commitment to hiring and training the best team members who resolve issues quickly and reliably.

Absolutely. Our IT services are designed to scale and adapt to your business’s growth and evolving needs.

We offer flexible solutions and continuously assess your IT infrastructure, ensuring our services align with your business goals and expansion plans.

This approach guarantees that our support evolves in tandem with your company’s development.