Our Team


Michael Saba

Senior Network Engineer/Team Lead

One of Michael Saba’s earliest encounters with computers was when his father bought an Apple IIe for the house. He jokes that if his dad had used the money to buy Apple stock at the same time then he wouldn’t need a job today.

It’s a good thing he ended up with the computer, because as Network 1’s team lead and senior network engineer, Michael pulls on 18 years of experience in IT, including several years helping two international law firms to build creative, customized IT strategies and solutions for clients to stay ahead of the curve.

The Arkansas native who now lives in the Riverside area earned his bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration on computer information systems and quantitative analysis from the University of Arkansas.


  • Michael loves nature and would much rather climb a mountain than bungee jump (who wants to jump off a cliff attached to a dynamic rope?)
  • He’s a past Tri County Fair Demolition Derby champion.
  • Michael is a master kazooist.
  • He’s at home in nature, having lived in the wilderness for three months.
  • Music is one of Michael’s main hobbies, one that he’s translated into a side gig as a published music photographer.