By Richard Stokes

For those of you who use AT&T for cellular service and, like me, get those annoying unwanted telemarketing calls on your cell phone, then keep on reading because this tech tip is for you.

I first heard about this service from a business partner, Donna Grindle with Kardon Compliance. So thank you, Donna, for sharing this information. (By the way, if you’re in healthcare and need a HIPAA expert, Kardon Compliance are the folks to talk to.)

Call Protect is a free download from the App Store and Google Store and integrates directly with your cell phone. It’s simple to set up too. Once you have downloaded it, enter your cell number at the prompt, and then input the PIN that AT&T immediately sends you via a text message. That’s it!

The service only works in AT&T HD coverage areas, but after checking their coverage map, you’ll be happy to hear it’s pretty much the entire standard coverage area.

What the app does is block known and suspected fraudulent calls, as well as provide warnings on what the network believes could be a telemarketer or nuisance call. What’s nice too is that, instead of showing the number, the call is labeled as “telemarketer” so you can glance at it and then quickly ignore.

So far, I have seen calls labeled as “telemarketer” and “political.”

If you are an AT&T subscriber, I would highly recommend that you get this service. Even if it’s not 100% accurate, cutting down on a portion of junk calls is a win in my book. 

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