Celebrating GreatHorn Month with Recently Introduced 1-Guard Email Security

Helping our clients fight daily battles against the bad guys is one of our biggest jobs. One of the weapons in that battle just got even better with the introduction of 1-Guard Email Security. Powered by GreatHorn, it serves as the last line of defense to protect, intervene, equip, and train email users to recognize and stop the bad guys’ attempts.

1-Guard Email Security is the only solution available that provides layered, in-depth security features to effectively protect users from email-based attacks. And when approximately 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent each day across the world, causing 94% of cyberattacks and 90% of data breaches, it pays to have the best protection possible.

How does it work?

  1. Detects Advanced Threats: Silent security layers provide behind-the-scenes analysis and detection of irregular emails using advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately identify risk areas, threat patterns, and zero-day phishing attacks before they are delivered to users.
  2. Reduces Time to Respond & Remediate: Security Team layers provide Network 1 with visibility across clients’ entire email environment. With a robust set of remediation tools, we can respond to, and remediate, attacks quickly.
  3. Protect & Educate In-the-Moment of Risk: With 1 to 3% of risky emails bypassing traditional email security layers and reaching your users’ inboxes, your last line of defense becomes your users. 1-Guard Email Security provides them with the most comprehensive protection so they can understand the risks and make more informed decisions. User-facing layers include:
    1. Smart Links: Machine-vision-based link analysis looks at websites “like a human,” providing time-of-click analysis to block links or preview pages.
    2. Smart Banners: Users are sent specific instructions and context relevant to individual emails to warn them of a specific threat.
    3. Mailbox Intelligence: You will also receive digestible insight into the sender, domain, and relationship strength, including suspicious link warnings and flags for spam or phishing attempts.

In essence, 1-Guard Email Security provides a level of protection that is multi-faceted and thorough. Like all of our 1-Services, we believe in this so much we use it ourselves at Network 1. Implementation includes an analysis of your current environment, pre-launch training for users, and zero downtime. If you would like to learn how 1-Guard Email Security could work for your specific environment, reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion.

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David Gracey: Since its founding in 1998, David has grown Network 1 into a top-notch IT services company dedicated to delivering the best solutions for Atlanta’s small and mid-size businesses. His responsibilities include creating the vision and strategy for its growth and establishing the culture of Network 1.

Network 1 designs, builds and supports the IT you need to run your business more securely, productively and successfully. Whether you want to outsource all of your IT needs to a reliable, responsive, service-oriented company, or need to supplement the work of your internal IT staff, we will carefully evaluate where you are now, discuss where you want to go and implement and support a plan to get you there with as little interruption as possible.

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