Tuesday Tip: Google Maps – Save your Locations

When planning for a trip, sometimes half the fun can be looking for interesting restaurants or shops you want to visit while you are in a new location. Instead of keeping a list, you can instead use the save function on Google Maps.

To save a location, first type the name of the location or business into Google Maps, then when the location comes up, there is a save button near the “directions” button. Once you press save, you can then create a new folder to save this location – for instance you could create a section where you save locations you want to visit for an upcoming trip or save local restaurants you’d like to try in the future. If you forget you’ve saved something, Google Maps can alert you when you’re nearby a location you’ve saved in the “want to go” list.


I’m not always the best at maintaining lists or organization in general, but this is a pretty low effort way to organize places of interest, with an added benefit of being able to share lists with others and collaborate on trips and outings.

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