Don’t Ring Up Trouble

In recent years, the use of Ring Doorbells has become an increasingly popular way of enhancing home security. These video-enabled doorbells are equipped with cameras that allow homeowners to monitor their property, receive alerts, and even communicate with visitors remotely. However, scammers are now using phishing attacks to steal sensitive information from Ring Doorbell owners, putting your security at risk.

One common phishing attack starts when bad guys send an email or text message that claims suspicious activity has taken place on your account with a link to a fake login page that looks identical to the legitimate Ring Doorbell login page. Once you enter your login details, the scammers have access to your account and can monitor your activity.

Another tactic is to send an email or text message claiming that you need to update your Ring Doorbell firmware to ensure it is secure. Again, the email will contain a link to a legitimate-looking fake update page that installs malware on your device. This malware can then be used to steal sensitive information or spy on your activity.

To avoid falling victim to this, or other similar scams, never click a link or download an attachment in an email or text message for which you have not specifically asked. If you do receive this type of message, go directly to the company’s website to log in and make any changes.

Additionally, make sure all of your accounts are as secure as possible by setting up multi-factor authentication and using strong passwords or pass phrases. Make firmware updates as soon as they are released (by going directly to your account). Also, regularly check your account for suspicious activity, and if you see any, report it to the company right away.

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