Tuesday Tip: How to Clean Your Computer

how to clean a keyboardComputers are an essential part of our lives. We all use them, but how often do you clean your computer?  I’m not talking about cleaning out old files or making your desktop look nicer. How often do you clean the actual physical machine you touch every day?  Due to its constant use, eating at our desks and so much more, our computers and keyboards are often filthy. Obviously, you can’t take soap and water to these electrical devices because they would be damaged, so how should we clean our computers?

For your computer screen and hardware, you can use disinfectant wipes and dry any residue with paper towels. The wipes will kill any germs, and the liquid from the wipes is not enough to get into the computer and harm it.

Once that is done, chances are you still have a lot of dirt and other particles in the keyboard. The best way to clean the keyboard is with a can of compressed air that you can find at any electronic store or in many places online. Any brand will do, but make sure the can comes with a nozzle like the one in the picture so you can focus the air between the cracks of the keys to remove dirt and other particles that have settled into your keyboard.

Keeping your workstation clean and tidy should also help keep your computer clean, but it is still smart to clean your computer when needed or at least once or twice a year.

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