Tuesday Tip: Add a Second Face ID to Your iPhone

man hands holding phone with face ID scanning on the screen in cafeSecurity is important in everything we do these days. Some of us take it more seriously than others. Sometimes it does make things more difficult, but we all want to be safe in the end.

Most phones today allow you to use Face ID instead of entering a passcode. While this extra layer of security is great, what if there is an emergency and someone else needs to get into your phone?

Problem solved. iPhone’s alternate appearance option allows you add a friend, partner or child’s face to unlock your phone.

To add an alternate appearance, simply:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Face ID & Passcode and enter your passcode to proceed
  • Tap Set Up an Alternate Appearance
  • If you don’t see the Set Up an Alternate Appearance button, you may already have an appearance saved. To start again, you will have to remove the alternate appearance and add a new one by tapping Reset Face ID. In this case, you will have to set up your face again before you can add the alternate appearance.

Once this person’s face has been added, they should have no problem using Face ID to unlock the phone. This could be very important in case an emergency occurs and you can not open the phone yourself. Please remember, that if you have any apps that are locked by Face ID, any alternate appearances will be able to unlock these as well.

Stay safe people!

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Kristen Evangelista: In her role as Client Manager II with Network 1, Kristen is the liaison and main point of contact for clients in both the medical and financial professions. She is skilled at listening to her clients’ needs and acting as a liaison between them and the field engineers and support team.

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