Working with an IT Team that Understands the Needs of Medical Practices


While having a secure network and reliable IT services are vital to all businesses, those in the medical field have the extra layer of security due to HIPAA and HITECH requirements. A pediatric practice in Gwinnett knew they needed to find an IT partner who was familiar with the unique challenges that medical practices face to manage all of their IT and computer networking requirements. Upon the recommendation of some fellow North Fulton Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) members, they reached out to Network 1. The rest, as they say, is history.


For five years, Network 1 has managed their information technology to ensure the practice is set up to handle all patient needs. This includes troubleshooting, resolving issues when they arise, and assisting as they recently transitioned to a new phone system. Their operations manager states, “We have never had any concerns regarding the quality of their work. They are attentive, informative and explain our situation and options thoroughly.” She also appreciates that Network 1 is quick to respond when an issue arises and knows that there is a team of people in place to resolve problems quickly. Additionally, as COVID-19 disrupted our lives, particularly those in the medical field, their medical office was able to make a seamless transition to telemedicine since they already had the necessary security features and remote options in place to continue to meet patient needs.


Network 1 and this pediatric practice meet quarterly to discuss their needs, any new issues, and ideas for how to make improvements. “They are always open to our ideas and do the necessary research to see what is practical for our office. We love that they are flexible, easy to work with and that they have a solid understanding of the needs of medical offices,” said their operations manager. “Our practice is always looking to remain current with our technology and make patient care as efficient and productive as possible. As things change, we believe that we can depend on Network 1 to be there for us so we can continue to provide the highest level of patient care possible.”


Network 1 is much more than IT support for our company; they have become an integral part of our team.

Operations Manager Pediatrics & Adolescent Medical Practice