IT Advice and Support for Today and the Future


An Atlanta-based medical device distributor was looking for an outsourced IT partner that understood their industry to quickly step in after some internal changes. Since the success of the company’s IT systems is vital to their operations, when issues arise, they are typically urgent. According to the company’s CFO, “Network 1 rose to the top of our consideration because they understand what we do and have deep knowledge about the healthcare compliance requirements for storing medical records.”


The first thing Network 1 did was evaluate the company’s existing systems. Their CFO states, “I’ve been very impressed with the way Network 1 explains our options thoroughly and clearly. They use their expertise and knowledge of best practices to make recommendations to us. They understand what we currently need and can look to the future and tell us what we will need going forward. They aren’t just selling us something; they are advising us on what would be the best possible solution for our company.”

Their CFO has been pleased with Network 1’s responsiveness, accessibility and the quality of their work. “When we need them, they jump right on it. We have had zero complaints from anyone on our team. They efficiently and effectively communicate issues as they arise and help us fix them as quickly as possible,” their CFO said.


The company is pleased to be in maintenance mode now.  “I liken them to an internal IT department. They don’t try to sell us on the latest and greatest thing. They honestly tell us what we need and what we don’t need to spend money on right now. At the end of the day, when Network 1 makes a recommendation, we feel comfortable moving forward because we know they aren’t just pushing their own agenda – they truly are a trusted business partner,” their CFO said.


Network 1 doesn’t just push their own agenda – they truly are a business partner.

Chief Financial Officer Medical Device Distributor