White Glove Service for a Complicated Transition


A specialty medical center in Atlanta had decided to build their own facility. During this process, they would also be consolidating a surgery center and an outpatient clinic from two separate locations into the new building. The type of complex project requires a tremendous amount of pre-planning, vendor coordination and project management, something they weren’t confident their current IT provider could manage. The practice’s CEO, describes the situation. “We were frustrated with them for many reasons. We would regularly have someone new assigned to manage us and we’d have to re-explain everything. We needed a dedicated IT person who would work with us, stay with us and get to know us as well as our own internal staff.” Network 1 was selected as their new technology partner. “The professionalism and knowledge they demonstrated made a great impression,” she said. “They really wanted to work together as our partner, not just be a ‘call us when you need us’ sort of vendor. It was a whole different feel.”


Network 1 set to work and right away, and their CEO could tell that the project was in good hands. “Network 1 was wonderful,” she says. “They took over the management of this project’s technology which was a tremendous help to me.” Their contact at Network 1 was actively involved in construction planning meetings and was instrumental in ensuring there were no surprises, thinking through all scenarios and possible issues to head them off at the pass. He acted as liaison with different vendor teams including phone, cable, low voltage wiring and AV. “Network 1 could speak with each vendor about the technical issues. They understood each other, so nothing was ever lost in translation.” Throughout the project, their CEO was also pleased with the level of communication and assistance they received. “Network 1 got to know us intimately and always asked great questions; they didn’t leave it to me to direct. I told them what I wanted the end result to be, and they coordinated and directed everything to make it happen.”


The medical practice continues to provide exceptional patient care, supported by IT that helps them be more efficient and effective. “What could have been incredibly stressful was considerably less to thanks to Network 1,” says their CEO. “The entire project and move went smoothly and was completed within schedule.” The team at Network 1 continue to provide valuable insight and planning. “When they start to talk about security or compliance, things I don’t really want to think about, and the things we can do now in anticipation of them, I know they’ve got my back and can gently steer me in the right direction,” she reports. “Technology is not what I want to be concerned with; I want to focus on patients and it’s nice that Network 1 allows me to do just that. They are accessible, responsive and go above and beyond.”


Network 1 stands out in healthcare knowledge and IT planning. We are in the midst of planning a move and new office construction.  We have one chance to get this right, and we chose Network 1 because they stand out in three areas: healthcare knowledge, skill of day-to-day support, and proactive planning.

CEO Specialized Medical Practice