Moving to the Cloud


A few years ago, a Suwanee-based HVAC/R business realized that they had outgrown their current IT provider and needed to make a change. Their COO explained, “I wanted to get rid of our antiquated on-premise servers, and our end users weren’t getting the help desk assistance they needed from our previous IT company. Any time we waste on fooling around with technology slows productivity and hits our bottom line.” After receiving multiple recommendations for Network 1, it was obvious that they had the knowledge and experience needed to become their technology partners.


Once the decision was made to work with Network 1, an extensive on-boarding and learning process began. Network 1 knows it is important to truly understand each clients’ unique situation and needs. By investing the time during the sales process, as well as throughout the entire relationship, they can improve operations and provide on-target solutions for their clients. “They were very comprehensive. They looked at all the tools, software and hardware that we had in place so they could provide an accurate assessment of where we were and what was needed to get us where we needed to go,” their COO said. “They had a strong understanding of our industry – far more than the other IT companies I talked to – and were already familiar with some of the software that we use. They also did a lot of work on the front end to minimize the impact on our end users so they can continue to do their jobs without worrying about IT.”


The company is working with Network 1 on the final stages of moving their operations to the cloud so they can eliminate all on-premise servers. With half of their employees working outside of the office on phones and tablets, it can be challenging. However, Network 1 has been on site for each step of the transition and they couldn’t be more pleased with how the project has been handled. Reports from the field have been incredibly positive regarding the accessibility and response time from the Network 1 support team. “The bottom line is that people want answers when they call support, and my team is pleased not only with the responsiveness they are now receiving, but also with the layman’s terms they use as well,” their COO explained. “We look forward to continuing to partner with Network 1 and seeing our relationship expand as the company grows.”


Network 1 understands how important it is for our end users to be able to perform the tasks required by their jobs without being hassled by technology problems. I highly recommend them to others who want IT to ‘just work.’

COO HVAC/R Company